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Framework for Internet Safety Integration For the Middle Schools

Framework for Internet Safety Integration

For the Middle Schools



Goal: Protect our young people from online dangers


Objective: Each middle school student will gain understanding and be able to synthesize information from all four areas at each grade level.


Strategy: Core teams will ensure that lessons integrate information to address each of the following area:


Personal Safety

Cyber Bullying


Source Evaluation.


Each core grade level teacher will be responsible for teaching one Internet Safety lesson per school year. This can be a collaborative lesson.


Exploratory and health/PE teams may implement a lesson to address all four areas as they apply to their curricula.


This year we would like you to focus on the curriculum area that applies most in your classroom. Example:


English & Math >> Source Evaluation or Copyright

Science, Civics, and History >> Cyber bulling

Exploratory, Resources >> Personal Safety


Now if you have a great lesson that you have been using, please continue with it even if it’s not in the suggested area. We are seeing a need to re-teach Source Evaluation and Copyright since these are where we are seeing the most issues at this time. We realize that all these areas apply to all students, but looking at the areas with the most emphasis, personal safety has been covered the most since it’s the one “in the news”.


Remember: Focus on the objective on the lesson, not the time involved.

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