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Welcome to Our Spot in Cyberspace!

Technology is one of the most exciting opportunities for students in Amherst County Public Schools! We desire to help every child, every day reach their full potential through the pervasive and productive use of educational technologies for the purposes of teaching and learning.
Please visit your building ITRT’s web page for some excellent educational resources to make technology an effective tool for student achievement.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of us for assistance.
Mike Cargill:  Amherst County High School, Amherst Middle School and Monelison Middle School
Melanie Lewis:  Amherst Elementary, Central Elementary and Madison Heights Elementary
Gail Moore:  Amherst Education Center, Amelon Elementary, Elon Elementary, Pleasant View Elementary and Temperance Elementary

About the new School Websites

Dear Parents, Staff and Community,

Welcome to the new ACPS School Websites! Why the change you might ask? For our parents and guardians the plan is to make the school websites uniform and similar in layout. The thought behind this is if a parent has children in more than one school they can easily navigate across multiple sites when looking for the same information. It has been years since the launch of the old sites and it is time for a new look and feel.

For our teachers, when they return in the fall, the Tech Department will have built all the webpages for teachers and pre-populated most of the required information. Teachers will only have to add a few pieces of information to meet the Teacher Webpage Guidelines outlined by Dr. Rogers. Teachers will be free to use Moodle, Weebly, etc. as their webpage as long as the required information is present. The Tech Department will be looking for helpdesk tickets in the fall should you decide to use your own service instead of Drupal. All accounts will be created, and many other tasks, will be handled by the Tech Department freeing up time for staff in the schools.

Teachers, be sure to watch the training videos we have created so you can get the required information on your webpage up-to-date. You can find those under the Staff tab and then Training Videos.


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