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Happy Presidents' Day

This is a resource that was posted on the Google+ Community site today.  Since today is a holiday, we are posting it here as well.  Can your students solve the Presidents' Day Visual Math Challenge?  To get to the challenge, click on the image below.  Then go to File->Make A Copy to have your own that you can upload to your Google Classroom.



Of Mice and Mazes

After discovering that civil engineers design roads, First graders reviewed the engineering design process.  They then built "roads" or mazes from plastic links and coded robotic mice to go through the maze.






New Resource for Elementary Teachers


Elementary Teachers, we have a brand new resource just for you!  Our division has given approval for us to start a Google+ Community.  This will be a place to share links, ideas, and resources.  This is a private community, only accessible by being signed in to your G-Suite Apps Account.  This community is not open to the public so it is a safe place for you to post a lesson plan, ask for ideas, or share a link. The llink has been emailed out but please email either Gail or Melanie if youu need the link resent.  





Thinking Maps

Two years ago we decided to use Thinking Maps division wide.  Every student from K-12 uses these same tools.  While it is best practice to have students create their own map, sometimes it is better to start them off with a template.  Gail Moore created templates using Google Draw.  To use these templates, click on the image above and it will open the folder for you.  Thien once you open the folder you can click on the circled arrow and "Add To My Drive."  You will still have to go to File -> Make A Copy to get an editable copy of your own that you can attach to Google Classroom.


To add it to your drive click the arrow beside the name of the folder.





Digital Learning Day 2018

Digital Learning Day is February 22, 2018

National Digital Learning Day was started in 2012 with the intent to highlight how important classroom teachers are in planning effective, engaging lessons which integrated the technology that students love to use.  Teachers, this is not a day to celebrate the importance of the gadget but rather, to celebrate the teacher who incorporates technology into their instruction!  

By clicking on the image below you will be taken to a site where you can sign your class up to take part along with thousands of other classes around the nation.  Then contact your ITRT.  We stand ready to assist you in planning and/or carrying out your lesson.

Remember, it's not about the technology.  It's about the learning!






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